The unique technology of digital passport of buildings an effective assistant in construction

Various experts in the field of construction and related industries have been talking about this for several years now.

This is an electronic form with information about capital construction projects, both existing and already commissioned earlier, and those still under construction. The data is then sent, among other things, to the sections and information models of this building necessary for planning, design, construction, commissioning and further operation. Such technical and economic indicators include the following: cost, types of systems, and issues of land relations. According to experts, a digital passport of a site allows to expand the functions of a “digital twin” of a locality or region.

“Digital twin” assumes that all information from different archives, sections, and documentation needs to be collected into a single catalogue. This will speed up the exchange of data between designers and building users for future planning. It is also clarified that thanks to this technology it is possible to create efficient objects with lower costs for management tasks.

Already today, many regions and major cities of the world are using this technology. This technology not only speeds up the process of management and problem solving, but also allows you to prevent errors in design and maintenance in the future, and also establish the exchange of experience among various specialists

Publication date: 14 Feb 2024
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