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The company's activities are concentrated in the province of Malaga, on the Costa del Sol, but we also provide services in other regions of Spain. Our mission is to become an outstanding partner for our customers, to realize their wishes, offer solutions and make their dreams come true.

To achieve these goals, we apply modern technical tools, technological and management solutions in accordance with the requirements of an increasingly demanding market and customers.

The quality of the services provided is the most important ground rule of our company.

In order to provide high-quality service, we pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Continuous Improvement: Implementing a continuous improvement system allows you to identify weaknesses and find ways to avoid them. To do this, we keep feedback from customers, as well as conduct internal audits and process reviews.
  2. Personnel training and development: We invest in the training of our employees so that our specialists have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their duties at a high level.
  3. Use of quality materials and equipment:  The quality of construction materials and equipment has a significant impact on the final result. We work only with reliable suppliers and choose only high-quality materials.
  4.  Strict quality control: We set clear quality standards and monitor their compliance at every stage of the project.

Is UKO Build a reliable partner in the construction field?

Following the principle of quality, our company has earned the trust of customers and gained stability and attractiveness in the construction services market. Long-term and successful relationships with our customers and partners are proof of this.

The human capital is the main success factor in construction.

Investing in training, development and employee satisfaction helps attract and retain talented persons who deliver outstanding results and turns ambitious projects into reality.”

Mykola Mykytiuk
CEO of UKO Build
Our team of professionals

Our team of professionals

Our highly qualified specialists are the pride and strength of our company. Their professionalism, experience and dedication allow us to implement the most complex projects with outstanding results.

Why us?

Why us?

High quality, experienced professionals, innovations

Our company brings together experienced professionals and provides high quality construction services, open to modern design solutions, attracting the best customers and exceeding their expectations. We strain after a spotless reputation and pay the utmost attention to every detail to provide our clients with outstanding results.

Our work is synonymous with the word quality. We strive for excellence in every project, delivering outstanding results that exceed our clients' expectations. Quality is a priority for us, and we are proud of our achievements and reputation in the field of construction.

One year guaranty on work performed

We are confident in the quality of our work and therefore we provide a guarantee for all work.

Full range of services

We take care of the full implementation of your project, from design support to finishing.

The shortest terms of project implementation

We reduce the time of work due to the mechanization of most processes.


We use certified materials from reliable suppliers. Control every stage of construction. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced employees.

Several payment options

Bank credit and cashless payments are possible.

Individual approach to each client

We take into account the peculiarities of the object, we are ready to work in non-standard conditions.

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    Each project for us is an opportunity to demonstrate our ability to turn ideas into reality. We consider every detail with the utmost attention, using cutting-edge technology and the best materials to ensure the reliability and durability of our work.

    Are you looking for a trusted contractor? Then you are in the right place: we are experts in construction, engineering, electrical, plumbing, and much more. Our highly qualified staff and smart solutions will become to be reliable companions on the way to your dream.

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