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Renovation of apartments in the Sierra Blanca urbanisation

The object of renovation of apartments in urbanisation is a project to renovate and modernise living space in an urban environment. It is based on the idea of improving the quality of life of residents by renovating old or outdated living spaces in accordance with modern standards and trends in design and functionality. We are proud to present you our construction site, where a unique project for the renovation and transformation of apartments is being realised.

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Luini Restaurant Reform

Welcome to the page of reform object - restaurant presented by our construction company. We are pleased to present you a project that embodies modern trends in design and functionality of gastronomic spaces. Our team of specialists is working on transforming this restaurant into a unique place that attracts visitors with its cosiness and atmosphere. The project involves the complete transformation of an outdated restaurant space into a modern and functional establishment.

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Renovation of a villa in La Finca 2024 Residential Estate

Functional and at the same time aesthetically attractive, the concrete slab of the villa's decorative element serves as the basis for creating a unique space. This concrete slab is not only the basis for the structure, but also serves as an elegant element of landscape design. Thanks to our skilful planning and engineering sophistication, this concrete slab has become part of an extensive architectural project, emphasizing the style and responsible image of the villa.

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Renovation of the lounge zone of the swimming pool

Pool lounge zone in the pool area was in a worn state, with noticeable cracks and unevenness. Such state created inconvenience for the owners besides a negative impression of the appearance of this zone. Our Company has developed a detailed renovation plan, including revising the design of the zone besides improving drainage and creating an aesthetically pleasing exterior. New concrete placement has transformed the zone, providing it with a new look and functionality.

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Major renovation of a boutique Santoni

Our company has just completed a major renovation of a boutique giving it a completely new look and creating a unique atmosphere that reflects the style and sophistication of the brand. As a result of our work, the combination of the highest quality, style, functionality and comfort has been achieved.

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Villa Vista in Ojen

Villa renovation project with expansion of internal space through redevelopment. During this work, new foundations, walls, floors and construction of new external structures are completed. Thanks to this renovation, additional work on laying power cables, installing lighting, including a “starry sky” in the cinema, and sound insulation are also agreed upon.

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Refurbishment of a villa in Urbanisation La Finca 2023

The constructional project is in the course of work. A renovation project for the villa has been approved. According to the Project, the style, layout, and materials issues have been resolved, which will make possible to organize the space even more comfortable for the owners’ lives. According to the approved Project, major repairs, among other things, include the construction of new walls using reinforced concrete. A full list of work performed at the site can be found below.

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Mejor Repairs of 3 rooms apartment (Malaga)

Completed a major repairs of a three-room flat in Malaga. Each stage of work passed quality control. During the work, the wishes and requirements of the customers, a young family with a child, were taken into account, which made it possible to ensure that the results met their expectations as closely as possible. Thanks to the work we performed, modern, comfortable housing was obtained.

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Villa “Fusion Future”

Villa "Fusion Future": This villa embodies the high-tech style with a harmonious combination of glass, metal, and concrete. Its futuristic design with floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows allows for breathtaking views of the surrounding nature and endless blue sky. The interior spaces are decorated in a minimalist style, using cutting-edge technology and modern materials.

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