Luini Restaurant Reform

In the course of work

Welcome to the page of reform object - restaurant presented by our construction company. We are pleased to present you a project that embodies modern trends in design and functionality of gastronomic spaces. Our team of specialists is working on transforming this restaurant into a unique place that attracts visitors with its cosiness and atmosphere. The project involves the complete transformation of an outdated restaurant space into a modern and functional establishment.

Tasks performed

  • Dismantling works: removal of old structures and elements
  • Preparation of surfaces for subsequent finishing: levelling of walls, laying of new flooring
  • Installation of a new ventilation system, electrical wiring and plumbing in accordance with the project
  • Erection of new partitions according to the project plan to optimise space
  • Installation of new doors and windows to provide natural light and ventilation
  • Plastering and painting of walls
  • Installation of new floor coverings
  • Installation of decorative interior elements: skirting boards, mouldings, etc.
  • Installation of kitchen equipment: cookers, ovens, refrigerators and more
  • Installation of bar furniture and equipment
  • Placement of furniture for serving guests
  • Carrying out the final cleaning of the premises
  • Checking the performance of all systems and equipment

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