Refurbishment of a villa in Urbanisation La Finca 2023

In the course of work

The constructional project is in the course of work. A renovation project for the villa has been approved. According to the Project, the style, layout, and materials issues have been resolved, which will make possible to organize the space even more comfortable for the owners’ lives. According to the approved Project, major repairs, among other things, include the construction of new walls using reinforced concrete. A full list of work performed at the site can be found below.

Works performed

  • Reinforced concrete floors
  • Construction of load-bearing floor beams
  • Garage reconstruction project
  • Dismantling and installation of internal enclosing structures
  • Replacement of existing and installation of new electronically controlled door structures
  • Expansion of doorways
  • Installation of the Smart Home system
  • Aligning room elements
  • Cladding walls, ceilings and floors with finishing material
  • Reconstruction of an existing staircase
  • Installation of decorative elements
  • Construction of a Spanish-style patio

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