Mejor Repairs of 3 rooms apartment (Malaga)


Completed a major repairs of a three-room flat in Malaga. Each stage of work passed quality control. During the work, the wishes and requirements of the customers, a young family with a child, were taken into account, which made it possible to ensure that the results met their expectations as closely as possible. Thanks to the work we performed, modern, comfortable housing was obtained.

Completed works

  • Dismantling of interior doors and door panels
  • Removing ceramic floor coverings
  • Dismantling of aluminium partitions for balcony openings
  • Deepening the base of the floor by 10 cm by dismantling the floor filling to the base
  • Replacement & installation of new cable routes for sockets and lighting
  • Whole set of works on levelling wall coverings
  • Installation of a plasterboard ceiling
  • Laying laminate flooring in all rooms
  • Installation of a set of freon pipes & control cables for a new air conditioner
  • Installation of individual power branches of air conditioners to the electrical panel
  • Replacement of the electrical panel with re-switching of all power branches & partial replacement of automatic switches & residual cut-off device
  • Whole set of walls & ceilings painting works
  • Loading, unloading & disposal of construction waste

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