Renovation of apartments in the Sierra Blanca urbanisation

In the course of work

The object of renovation of apartments in urbanisation is a project to renovate and modernise living space in an urban environment. It is based on the idea of improving the quality of life of residents by renovating old or outdated living spaces in accordance with modern standards and trends in design and functionality. We are proud to present you our construction site, where a unique project for the renovation and transformation of apartments is being realised.

Tasks performed

  • Demolition and removal of old finishing materials
  • Removal of old plumbing, electrical wiring and lighting
  • Levelling of walls, ceilings and floors
  • Installing partition walls and creating a new room layout
  • Installation of new screeds and floor coverings
  • Installation of plasterboard structures
  • Laying tiles on the floor and walls in bathrooms and kitchen
  • Installation of stretch ceilings or painting of ceilings
  • Installation of new plumbing fixtures (bathtubs, toilets, sinks) and faucets
  • Laying new pipes for water supply and sewerage
  • Installation of ventilation systems and water heaters
  • Laying new electrical wiring and installing sockets, switches and light fittings
  • Installation of the power distribution system (switchboard)
  • Installation of new entrance doors and interior doors
  • Installation of plastic or wooden windows with insulation and sealing
  • Installation of mirrors, bathroom accessories (shelves, hooks, etc.)
  • Cleaning and removal of construction waste
  • Room decoration (installation of lamps, mirrors, paintings, etc.)
  • Final inspection of the serviceability and quality of the completed work

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