Our company performs the whole complex of works on the installation of solar panels. By contacting us, you will receive high-quality installation of solar panels and chargers for electric vehicles.

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Experience & Expertise

We have many years of experience in the installation of solar panels and chargers for electric vehicles. Our specialists have professional knowledge and skills to effectively implement projects of any complexity.

Environmental Responsibility

We adhere to the principles of environmental responsibility and try to use renewable energy sources as much as possible in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Customer-centric approach

Meeting the needs and expectations of customers is our priority. We provide a high level of service and are always ready to listen to the wishes of customers.

What one gets with our services

What one gets with our services

By choosing our company to install solar panels and electric vehicle chargers, you can be sure of the quality, reliability and professionalism of our services.

We are ready to help you implement environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions that will benefit not only you but the environment.

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Solar Panels Installation

Solar panels installation makes it possible to use the renewable energy of the sun to generate electricity, which reduces not only dependence on traditional energy sources but the harmful impact on the environment.

Our company provides solar panel design, installation and maintenance services to help you implement green and efficient solutions.

  • Project planning
  • Installation of the support structure
  • Solar panels installation
  • Connection of batteries to the inverter
  • Electrical connection
  • Testing and validation

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    In this section we have collected answers to the most frequently asked questions to help you get necessary information. If you have questions that are not listed here, feel free to contact us and our team will be happy to help you.
    How long does it take to install the charger?
    Installation time depends on the type of charger, installation location and the complexity of the electrical work. Typically, installing a standard Level 2 (AC) charger can take anywhere from a few hours to a day.
    Can I install the charger myself?
    Chargers installation requires specific electrical knowledge and skills, as well as compliance with electrical infrastructure and safety standards. It is recommended to entrust the installation to a licensed and experienced company.
    Can you help me choose the proper charger for my electric vehicle?
    Yes, our experts can help you to choose the proper charger type and wattage for your EV needs and your electrical infrastructure.
    What electrical equipment and power do I need to install the charger?
    Appropriate electrical equipment and power must be available to ensure safe and efficient charging of an electric vehicle. We will analyse your electrical system and provide upgrade recommendations if necessary.
    Can you provide post-service and technical support?
    Yes, we provide warranty and post-warranty service for chargers, as well as technical support to solve any issues or problems.
    What additional features do chargers provide?
    Some chargers have additional features such as the ability to monitor charging through mobile apps, manage charging time, and integrate with smart home systems. We'll help you choose the right device for you.
    Can I use the charger outdoors?
    Yes, some chargers are designed for outdoor use and are weatherproof. We will help you choose the right device for your specific application.
    Are you still having doubts?

    If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

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